General Surgery

General surgery is a discipline of medicine that requires the Doctor to have knowledge of and familiarity with a broad spectrum of diseases that may require surgical treatment.

Areas of the body treated by general surgery include the stomach, liver, intestines, appendix, breasts, thyroid gland, 
salivary glands, some arteries and veins, and the skin. Here at Hervey Bay Surgical Hospital our general surgeons preform several different types of surgical procedures which are routinely day surgery but in some circumstances may require an overnight stay, some procedures are listed below,

Types of surgery performed

Excision of skin lesions (with/without skin grafting) - Types:  BCC, SCC, Melanoma 

Hernia repair - Types: Femoral hernia repair, Inguinal hernia repair, Umbilical hernia repair, Incisional hernia repair                        


Cholecystectomy - removal of the gallbladder