New equipment of Gastroenterology services

15/12/2015 12:00 am

We are happy to enounce that we have purchased new Olympus endoscopes for the endosocpy services. The olympus endoscopes are the latest model available offering the ultimate in image quality and handling for colonoscopy. Our visitng Specialist are very happy with this up-grade and find the new endoscopes very easy to use. 

The endoscopes have enhanced image quality which is achieved through a new optical system, providing a higher resolving power with less less halation and noise visible on screen. The dual focus, a unique optical innovation on HQ scopes, allows the user to select between a near or normal field at the push of a button. The wide 170 degrees field of view enables comprehensive observation of the colon and may facilitate scope maneuvering for shorter examination times and enhanced efficiency. The RIT (Responsive Insertion Technology) combines three proprietary insertion tube technologies: HFT (High Force Transmission), PB (Passive Bending) and Variable Stiffness