Online Bed Booking option for Doctors

03/01/2016 12:00 am

New service available.

Doctors with admitting clinical privileges and their practice staff will now have live access to online bed booking. This new service provides the Doctor with immediate availability to Hervey Bay Surgical Hospitals bed bookings without needing to contact the hospital to book a patient for overnight admissions.

The design and functionality of the online bed booking is simple and user friendly program that identifies in an instant if a bed is available on the day of preferred choice or not.  

The Doctor or practice staff gain access through the ‘Members Login’ on the Hervey Bay Surgical Hospitals website which takes them directly to the bed booking page. The date and the number of nights their patient is to be admitted on the surgical ward is entered with some patient details to tentatively book the bed. To confirm the bed booking a theatre booking must be attached to the patient bed booking either at the time of the bed booking or a few days later.

Bookings can be reviewed by the Doctor or practice staff and if required dates can be easily edited through the ‘Review a Booking’ page, and no-longer required to contact the hospital with changes. The program will not allow double bookings to occur, and the location to which room the patient will be allocated is not retrospective to the bed on the booking page. The Ward Service Manager is responsible for coordinating the bed allocations pending on patient gender and medical requirements and needs.

The bed booking and patient’s details are saved under each Doctor unique login, so at any stage the Doctor or practice staff can see their own patient booking. No patient or Doctor details are viewable on the bed booking page by anyone else except selected hospital staff to process the booking and theatre requirements.

Doctors and practice staff are given secure logins and passwords from the Director of Nursing and all data entered and attached to the bed booking is saved securely through our web host within Australia. All information is stored and accessed as per our 'Privacy Policy' 

Specialists and their practice staff will receive education on the use and advantages of this new service which will bring them more flexibility and speed when booking beds for their patients.